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Well little London I’ve been gone too long I said
I can’t see love and I sure as hell don’t feel it again
I’ve been your lover, all night and day I bin the dead
I see the flame, it flickers on itself
Your love in me it burns like a fire
Your love in me it burns like a fire
Well little London why don’t you come back to me
Little London I’ve something for you


Takes one, to know one, to feel one, to be one.


You came along to me, you posted your love
But I never thought it would be so lovely
I walked alone, yes i walked alone
Your love at hand, that’s what I see, that’s what i found
Your love, it burns inside
Your love, it burns inside
Like a fire, i feel it burn
Like a fire, it burns inside of me



Cincinnati, you ran away
You came back and you left me dead
I said my love don’t come no stronger no more
You punish me, you’ll hit the floor
I said London!


released March 9, 2016
'London' written and recorded in 2003 by The BcBs (Jon Simcox, James Rabone, Mickey Tongue and Logan Plant)



all rights reserved


The BcBs London, UK

Born out of the flames of the Black Country & brought up on 1960’s Garage rock ‘n’ roll, The BcBs were on a mission to blow senses & push the psyche beyond the standard neural pulse. The 4 school friends built a studio in an old barn. They lived together, wrote intensely, recorded on ancient gear & performed with wild abandon between the years of 2002-2005 throughout UK & Europe. The beat goes on ... more

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